Thursday, July 31, 2014

♥g o s h ! LOTD:07.31.2014♥

I wake up early in da mornin' 'round the crack o dawn & wave to my neighbors like Whassup?!?!

Today started as any ordinary day and it remained just that. Ordinary lol. I DJ'd this mornin' at my favoritest place in the entire SL Word!!! Momo's Surf Club!  Now that I'm back in the swing of things, I'm lookin' to get my blog resyndicated in the SL world.  I've applied for a couple already so *fingers crossed*...

I think I'll start doin' some reflections...Use this as an online diary :o) I mean, isn't that really what blogging is all about?  I've blogged and blogged about things in the past, but starting again this time after a very public and abusive relationship...I dunno...I just feel like I'm a bit more focused than before.  Finally, I have the freedom to use my words how I see fit...without the unscrupulous lil dekehead criticizing my every word and/or action.  I was starting to run so thin that I just didn't even want to get up and get on my PC, or check my phone...but...Now I have freedom.  Complete Freedom!  I feel like I've been liberated.  So maybe this is a comeback post lol who knows.  I'm really just typing the words that enter my head.  How joyous for ya'll huh?

I've started working on a "Various Women You Meet In Your Life" continuous blog so far I've done one lolol...

Let's just focus on today though, shall we? Here's what I'm wearing :o)

Top: .: Vive Nine :.  Softy Silky Copped Blouse in Blush
Shorts: { Mon Tissu } Cuffed Denim Shorts 
Leggings: .:VILLENA:.  Polkadot Leggings - Pink
Boots: J's  Western Boots
Hair: Exile  After The Rain Sparkle - Blonde (I got this from the Hair Fair, I don't know if it's available in the store)
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer Necklace: Love Rocker, Rings: Giselle Set - Black
Belt: Izzie's  Studded Leather Belt - Pink
Buckle: g o s h !  Female Bull Buckle (Animated) (Free!  Haha Just ask me for it: Anastasia Bergbahn)

Good Mornin', Good Afternoon, Good Night--Whichever it may be in your part of the world!
See ya'll later!

Love ya, Mean it...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

♥ Various Women You Meet In Your Life ♥

--The Various Women You Meet In Life--
Chances are you have come across her in your daily life, met her in the club or hell you might've even married her! Here's a challenge for ya' your version of The Various Women You Meet In Life
#1 The Ice Queen --
My Costume is Snow Queen by Caverna Obscura -- Gorgeous costume!

She's beautiful. She's Classy. She's off limits. She's cold as ice.
Do you accept the challenge?
Join ‪#‎SLSelfies‬ and show us yours!