Thursday, August 28, 2014

♥Junkie Apocalypse♥

I've noticed an increase in Heroin Dealer busts in Dallas and I'm ecstatic! It's about fucking time!!! An addict is fueled by an addiction...the dealer is a killer. The dealer is the biggest piece of shit in my eyes. I hate the Heroin Dealer. I hate any dealer that deals drugs that ruin lives...Meth, Coke, Crack, PCP, Prescription Pills. I hate you all and hope you get exactly what the fuck you deserve. I don't care what your excuse is....there is no excuse for what you do. I know that it takes time to get to these dealers...but it's about damn time they're actively and aggressively pursuing, arresting and punishing the Dealers. Help the addict. Prosecute the Dealer! FUCK THE DEALER...

I get so angry reading all these stories. With the rapidly increasing use of Prescription drugs, we are thrown right into a Heroin Epidemic! Prescription drugs are abused more than any other drug...America has a HUGE HUGE HUGE amount of junkies that don't feel like they're junkies because they're prescribed these pain pills...Ya know that time that you decided to take just one more than it says to on the bottle??? You became a prescription pill abuser. Well now you need to take two because one just doesn't work anymore or three because two no longer work? Guess what...You just abused that drug. Matter of fact...Most of you reading this (if you are) have abused a prescription drug in the past or are currently abusing them.

Just because it's prescribed to you doesn't mean you're not a junkie. If you've been taking pain pills I'd say more than 3 Months you're already on your way to addiction. Each time you "accidentally" bump into something and have to go to the doctor...How many trips to the Emergency Room have you had for these "accidents" or "toothaches" (<--- That ones a popular one too)...yeah...You're a junkie. Give it a little while. It'll just take that one time you didn't get your prescription filled...You feel those achy joints? How about that kind sick to your stomach feeling? Don't wanna get outta bed because you're just hurting too badly...Guess what bucko...that's called Dopesick. Next thing you know you're lyin' there with a needle in your arm and you're wondering how the fuck you got to the place you're at...Yup right back to that Heroin huh...So now you're dealin' with Heroin Dealer #1 (The addict that sells to support his/her habit)...His shit's been cut because he's tryin' to pay for his own growing habit so he's gotta get the most for his money...By the time that heroin gets to your vein...who knows how many hands it's crossed? Who knows how many times it's been cut? That balloon of Heroin you're holding in your hand right now...I wonder how many mouths it's been held in or even worse...asses...Yuck.

Ok well back to my entire point...Heroin Dealers, Crack Dealers, Coke Dealers, Meth Dealers...You're the biggest pieces of shits to walk this earth...And I think that you should be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Before anyone says anything to me about weed...Yup I smoke it. Yup I love it. I'm not gonna overdose on it. I'm not gonna rob for it. I'm not gonna prostitute myself for it. I'm not gonna kill someone for it...

Dallas is one of the main "hubs" for a major amount of drugs coming in from Mexico. There's heroin galore...Crack galore...The mornings of a detox center...People are just dropping addicts off like it's another day at the office. They're all full. They're understaffed. It's really sad. Yet, you know what's even sadder than that? There are no fucking needle exchange programs. Matter of a fact...I don't believe it's even legal in Texas to have needle exchange. Are you fucking kidding me?!?!? What the heck is wrong with people?

Get it together Texas...decriminalize needle exchange. We NEED a needle exchange program! Guess what...It's not just an "urban" problem anymore. Check the overdose rates of SUBURBANite Teens...You just may be astonished as I was.

I dunno if anyone is even bothering to read my babble or if anyone even cares...I care. The Heroin Epidemic is on a rise again and it's coming to a neighborhood near you...quite possibly in your own backyard.

Are you prepared?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

♥Anastasia Bergbahn's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge♥

Everyone's been seeing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that's been all over the FB Feeds right?  Well I've been challenged by Crul Nightfire & Summer Amaranth to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in SL.  Of course I jumped on the opportunity!  I've been wanting to learn how to make videos with SL and put on Youtube for a good while now, so no time like the present...

I accepted the challenge...

And now I challenge JanisJoplin Delicioso, Brea Skytower, DJ TK, Treeguy Haystack, Tommy Xue, Ari Dimanovic, and everyone down at Momo's Surf Club!

I'm just learning to do videos lol so go easy on me Siskel & Ebert!

Now I'm anxious and would like to see ya'lls ALS Ice Bucket Challenges in SL too!!  And...if anyone wants to teach me all about makin' videos and such I'd be much obliged lolol...

Let some new adventures begin...


Sunday, August 17, 2014

♥Anastasia's LOTD - 08.17.2014♥

Been gettin' ready for a ride with my SOA Immortal family.  I hope I do ok haha I kept runnin' myself off the track yesterday while I was channelin' my inner Punky Brewster...but then I got to thinkin' that Punky prolly shouldn't be ridin' a motorcycle anyway!!!!  Bless my heart...

The riding portion of the sim is about 2000 meters in the air...and yet...I managed to find the water with a quickness...

I practiced a little more though and I guess there's a little bit of an improvement lol...I should just keep my bike at 3rd gear. I can seem to control that speed much better than 4th...I guess I could just get pumped by someone else...wait...That don't sound right...Do people pump people on motorcycles like they do on bicycles?!?  Hmm...Just don't ever get pumped on the handlebars of a bicycle...That's an accident waitin' to happen right there, I tell you what...Did that one time..scuffed my nose up, my arms, my knees...I was stuck on band-aid for sure!

Let's move on from that painful experience shall we?

Everyone always talks about their Mama, Daddy, Bros, Sisters, Cousins, Aunts, Nephews...I've even seen Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren on SL...That never really has been my cup of tea.  The Sis and Bro thing I can see the most...then the Mama/Daddy...but Great Grandkids?!  I can barely even keep up with my RL Family tree, much less an SL one :o)

However...There's always exceptions...When you meet some exceptional people that welcome you right from the start.  They didn't ask any questions...just scooped me up and welcomed me right into their family.  Now I have a buncha Sisses and Bros, and I couldn't be happier about it!  Who'da thunk that it would feel this cool being a part of something :o)  I mean I've DJ'd, made Gestures and various lil things, but I've never actually belonged to something...Now I do.

When I was goin' through a pretty tough time, instead of walking away from me which would've been much easier to do...They stood by me.  They listened to me.  They were friends to me.  I'm honored to be part of our MC, and I'm even more honored to be able to call them my Brothers and Sisters.

Tonight, we're having a ride on our new track for the very first time...of course we wanted to be the first ones to be able to use it...but I think it's gonna be cool to see how it evolves...It'll be cool to have other MCs come visit and ride on our sim!  Heck yeah!

How many of you are just like yeah yeah lady get on with it and tell us what you're wearing?  If you do think that, it's good to know that you are indeed reading my *curtsy* Thank You!

If you ride motorcycles in SL, where are your favorite places to ride and why?

And now onto fashion... ;o)

What I'm Wearing:
Romper: *X*plosion - Sequin Black
Hair: Exile - Slow Burn Light Blonde
Shoes: *Dirty Princess* - Royal Couture Princess Boots Black
Jewlery: Maxi Gossamer - Necklace: Love Rocker, Rings: Giselle Black
Manicure: g o s h ! Fingers & Toesies - Oh My Red!
Location: g o s h !
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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imma lil high and can't think of anything else to ya'll have a good'n lol...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

♥Ana's LOTD 08.16.2014♥

I'm channeling my inner Punky Brewster today.  I have an event today at Momo's with Juliette that's Best TV Character...Soooo Wallah!  I'm Punky Brewster!!!  I'm gonna be DJin' a couple of times today so if anyone would like to stop by and give us a holler...C'mon witcha badself! :o)  My first set is at my favoritest place in all of SL Momo's Surf Club.  We're gonna have $750L on the board so come and show us your favorite TV Character!!!  Include it in your LOTD? :o) I know wishful thinkin lolol...I think maybe two whole people read this anyway...

Ok well...Stop by Momo's and check us out!  I'll be playin' whatever I wanna haha! Then later tonight if you're not busy, stop by Redneck Rendezvous...It's gonna be Come As You are and Lila's gonna be my hostess!  We'll have $1000L on the board for that one and I'll be playin' a lotta hickhop, red dirt, country music YEEHAWWW YA'LL!!

Ok Ok so onto the good stuff :o)

What I'm Wearing:
Shirt: GizzA Tutu Rockin' Diva Shirt (Part of outfit)
Sweater: =Razor Blade=
Vest: Addams Down Vest
Pants: {Mon Tissu} Harlow's Cuffed
Leggins: .:VILLENA:. Polkadot Leggings
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sugar Rush
Shoes: $$-NyTrO-$$ Chuck Street
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer Various
Manicure: g o s h ! Purple Durple
Location: g o s h !

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Stop by if ya'll wanna :o)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

♥Falling... The Series - 03♥

I waited all day and night for Momo's to close...All I could think about the entire time I was there was how I wanted to sneak over to the Bad Ampitude stage!!  I mean...I'll wait till everyone leaves so no one sees me.  If no one sees me then no one can prove I was there right?!?! I Just have to get on that stage...I wanna know what it feels like to be on the other side...I wanna feel like a Bad Ampitude ROCKSTAR!!!!  Patiently, I waited through each amazing set...

Until finally, I heard those words of DJ Jenny saying GOODNIGHT!!

YES!!!! Ok wait just a little bit...

Last person TP's out and swiftly I make my way to the stairs and down aww heck with this I'll just fly over...I fly over and land down in front of the stage.  The stage where all the magic happens. The very stage that's seen the likes of PANTERA...The White Stripes...BON FREAKIN JOVI...Halestorm and so many more awesome bands...I'm standing there all alone...All alone to get up there and rock my little pixel heart out!

I get up on the stage and turn look so different from this point of view...I could just see myself jammin' up there with the greats like Ray Wylie Hubbard...Hayes Carll...oh look the DRUMS!!  Ooooh I'm gonna play me some drums...I grab my glowing sticks and I prepare to beat some skins man!!!  I climbed up on the stool...

Wait lemme move this cymbal just a lil....*Janisbobanis TPs in* OH SHIT...WTF Ooooh noooooooooo

What I'm Wearing

Outfit: JayDee
Jewelry: Earthstones Laraine
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. *AQUARIA*
Location: Bad Ampitude stage at Momo's Surf Club *giggle*
Manicure: g o s h ! Blue Abyss

I'll pick myself up...

*Photo series based on RL Photo series of:*


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

JanisJoplin's Adventures in Second Life: #FallingDown ... #FallingDowninSecondLife - Janis'...

While Anastasia is still passed out in the truck I'm cooking us a hangover breakfast ofham, sausages and eggs on the ole BBQ.  Feeling rough I head to the keg for a bit of 'hairof the dog' therapy and whammo...flat on my face in the dirt.  Who the fuck put THAT there?! 

    ...and why is he wearing my hat?..
                                                            ...and lipstick?

Monday, August 11, 2014

♥Falling... The Series - 02♥

Oops fell right off that wagon or well out of the truck again...Dangit...

Spent this weekend partyin' a lil too hard by the looks of things...We're a couple of cluts. I can't believe that Janis just left me like this.  Man we had a good weekend though!  Hung out at Momo's Surf Club (My Favoritest Place other Than g o s h !) on Saturday for an 80's Sitcom Themed Event.  It was really neat to see the different costumes.  Kata had the sim decorated so awesomely...It really brought back some memories of childhood.  I channeled my inner Punky Brewster!  My hostess Juliette was Daisy Duke and she looked AWESOME!  She was dancin' up on KIT like she owned it!

Had another gig later that evening at Redneck Rendezvous, but my SL crashed and wouldn't let me back on...That really sucks.  I've been havin' some pretty major pangs from it since.  Maybe if I just keep kickin' it...Yeah that's the ticket!  On Sunday we went to The WHITE STRIPES concert by Momo's Surf Club, Bad Ampitude, and SOA Immortals!  That was rockin!!!  Overall was a good good weekend :o)

Now I guess I better pick myself up...Dust myself off and get ready for my 6-8PM tonight with my hostess Elisabetha!  We're havin' best in BLUE with $750L up on the board if ya'll wanna come hang out?!?!  We always have blast.  People start gettin' here and we'll start some Trivia up that fastest correct answer pays $5L!  AWESOME!  Test your knowledge :)

Here's you a ride on over :o)

Oh look...Candy...

--This is 02 of The Falling Series--

--What I'm Wearing--
Outfit: GizzA - Rocker Diva w/TUTU
Hair: Boudoir Hair - Blow Up My Bangs
Jacket: Emery - Denim Jacket
Tights: Funny Tights
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer - Giselle
Boots:  *COCO* Cowboy Boots
Manicure: g o s h ! Fingers & Toesies - Pink Tipsy

Just a few lil plugs to put out there :o)

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Friday, August 8, 2014

♥Falling... The Series - 01♥

Here's to falling...

On your face...

On your ass...

But not in love.  I'm gonna close that door.  I let him in.  He destroyed it.  That's that...

So I guess what I will do is start another blog series.  Ok if you haven't seen the staged "fall" photos: Check out Sandro Giordano's Instagram
I've decided to do an SL version with my avatar and perhaps avatars of my friends...This is something that we can all do...You can do it too :o) If you'd like to accept this challenge...and that would be pretty freakin' cool if someone accepts the challenge lol :o)

I'll include what I'm wearing, but this is more artistic than anything I suppose.  I just thought it would be fun.

Birthday Gurl...

I baked a glorious cake for JanisBoBanis' Birthday, got some balloons and other decorations.  Made sure that my camera was charged.  Was setting up in our little place.  I remembered that I needed to grab the cake and take it down to the thing I knew...BAM! My face is in the cake!

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: .:AVALE:. Didre Lola

Hair: Truth Noemi Light Blonde
Shoes: Dirty Princess Glamour Couture Princess Heels
Jewelry: Earthstones Laraine
Manicure: g o s h ! Fingers & Toesies Pink Tipsy

Camera: Tee*fy 

Well I guess I'm a real clutzaroonie.  That's ok, JanisBoBanis will understand.  I hope you have a very Merry Birthday!  Sorry I crushed your cake :o/  I <3 you, Soul Sista!



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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

♥g o s h ! 08.04.2014: JanisBoBanis♥

*Rollin' up myself a Bloggin' Blunt*

I woke up and logged on this mornin' to find that JanisBoBanis had been workin' on the railroad all night...Lemme tell ya'll a lil bit about my JanisBoBanis...

We all have our BFFs and some of us, including myself have more than one BFF.  The internet has made the world such a smaller place.  It's brought people into our lives that otherwise we'd probably never know the other existed.  I've gained some pretty amazing friends over here in this little virtual world we know as Second Life.  So so so many people put on their profiles how they keep SL out of RL and vice versa if someone can't differentiate the two, then they probably won't be my friend anyway, but it's really hard to keep these friendships from trickling over into our "Real Lives".  I have a few besties...Some that even though our "SLives" have taken different paths still nothing breaks that bond...but then there's JanisJoplin Delicioso.  She's my BFF FOREVER!  She's my person.  We are so in tune with one another that she showed up at my set tonight at Momo's Surf Club wearing the EXACT same thing as me.  We didn't plan it.

We so fancy huh?  We're awesome even when we don't mean to be lol.  She's the most amazing woman I've never met.  We've known each other roughly SIX years!  This woman knows me inside and out (Not lesbianistically).  Met her one mornin' while Tree and I were hangin' out at Serra's Flyin' Armadillo.  We became fast friends and it's been one hell of a ride.  We're like a digital Thelma & Louise (Minus the dyin' & Butt sex part).  The female pixel forms of Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake hashtag #lolololololololololololololololololol.  She's like the fruit to my loop.  The sugar to my smack.  Frost to my flake. The cocoa to my puff (ok that one sounds dirty).  I think you get the drift though right?  We're like Iona and Andie Walsh (Wonders who will get that reference)!  She really has stuck by me through thick and thin.  We laugh.  We cry.  We bitch. We gossip. I pushed her away because of Deke...She was one of the main ones besides my kids that he would threaten...I don't think he could've done anything really, but I wasn't taking anymore chances with him.  Thankfully, I was able to get away from him and she was awesome, came right back when I needed her most.  Didn't even skip a beat. I will never spend another day without her in my life (still non-lesbianistically).  We're TWO BROKE BITCHES and that's just fine with me :o)

What I'm Wearing:
Bathrobe: [K] Spa Collection - Pink 
Hair: .Ploom. Recycled
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer 
Manicure: g o s h ! Fingers & Toesies - Pink Tipsy

♥لαηίѕ ✚ Åηα 〓 ƁƑƑ Ƒᴏʀε√εʀ!!♥

Sunday, August 3, 2014

♥~Momo's Surf Club~♥

Ok Ok...We all know that Momo's Surf Club is my absolute FAVORITE club in SL!  I love everything about Momo's.  We have an awesome staff and an even better VIP Group.  Our BUMS take such good care of us.  There really isn't anything I don't like about Momo's.  I've been the Promotions Manager for quite a few months and I've loved it.  When Kata asked me if I would be General Manager -- I was ecstatic!!!  Let me give you a little bit of my history with Momo's...

When Deke and I were together, we were constantly looking for cool places to hangout at.  The feat seemed quite hard, as there are SO MANY clubs in SL.  The ones that seemed like would be good...were empty.  The ones that weren't empty...were silent.  It was lookin' like a lose/lose.  I asked my BFF Treeguy where some cool places to hang out were.  He said that he was DJing at this club called Momo's and that the people were pretty cool.  He sent me a TP and there ya go...

Deke and I would drop by there occasionally and always had a good time when we did.  Everyone there was always so friendly to us.  When I started to DJ again, I again asked Tree if he knew of some good places to DJ...again, he said Momo's.  He just happened to be the DJ Manager at the time and so he sent me an application.  Kata contacted me and we set up a DJ Audition.  Audition night came, and I fell instantly in love with everyone at the club.  Everyone was so welcoming, and so friendly.  I was in a real rocky relationship with Deke.  We fought all the freakin' time, but it was nice that we had a place that we both liked.  Finally, found a place where he *ACTUALLY* liked people.  I thought this was amazing! And it really really was.  This goes on great for awhile... well I mean the Momo's aspect of it anyway lol...Deke and I were literally falling apart.  He'd been so mean to me for the last four years...I was just done.  I had no good feelings toward him at all.  I didn't care anymore.  I was afraid of him.  Everytime I tried to break off whatever we had, he would threaten my RL.  My RL Family, My RL Friends.  So, I'd start talking to him again and again.  Each time it only escalated more and more...Finally, I'd had enough...I couldn't do it anymore.  He wasn't gonna stop threatening my family.  He wasn't gonna stop calling my RL son at work. He just wasn't gonna stop.  Even though I was doing everything he said I was supposed to do to make him stop...He still wasn't stopping...

I spent most nights in tears.  DJing wasn't fun anymore, because when I tried to DJ, he'd be yelling at me in Skype.  My friends, they couldn't understand how I would sit and let him treat me like this...and to be honest...I couldn't understand it either.  I knew that one day enough would finally be enough I would have the nerve to leave and I wouldn't be scared anymore...I just wanted it right then...and I caved.  Time and time again I caved.  I wasn't helping out at Momo's or being able to spend the time there that I wanted.  I didn't even want to be on SL anymore.  I'd lost my very best friend.  I was told on a daily basis that I was useless and I started to believe it.  I was told that people at Momo's hated me. So...I said enough's enough.  I quit.  Well I tried to quit (Kata wouldn't let me and I thank goodness for her!).  We decided to give it time and finally he showed his ass (I knew he would eventually).

Momo's stood by me and offered me sanctuary.  They showed me that they are my true friends and my true family.  Especially, Kata...Man...If ya'll don't know this woman....Your lives haven't been enlightened yet.  She is one of the most amazing people I've ever encountered on SL.  She listened to me night after night.  My insecurities, my fears.  She never made me feel judged or stupid.  She listened and she gave me friendship.  I was able to get Janis back in my life and we went right back like we didn't skip a beat.

I guess my whole babblation in this is...I owe so much to Momo's and the people of Momo's.  They helped me not only in SL...but they helped me in my RL too.  I'm stronger because of them.  I was finally able to take those rose colored glasses off...and I'm grateful.

So all I can say is...If you truly want an awesome experience...Visit Momo's Surf Club.  I am finally back to being me again.  Man I've missed me!!!  I'm celebrating MY Independence!!!!

What I'm Wearing:

Bodysuit: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... - Stars & Stripes (SLink Boots Included)
Hair: Eaters Coma - Hair 21 - Light Platinum Blonde
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer - Rings: Giselle Opal Set - Black, Necklace: Love Rocker
Headband: I <3 Mesh - Glam Bunny Ears
Manicure: (Shameless Plug) g o s h ! Fingers & Toesies - Independence Day!


Friday, August 1, 2014

♥g o s h ! LOTD - Purdy Neko - 08.01.2014♥

Tonight at Redneck Rendezvous we're havin' a NEKO event.  That's right! Grab those tails (hehe) and those ears, and mosey on over.  There's gonna be $1000L on the board to start and that goes up with each the more the merrier :o)  The fun begins at 6:00PM SLT!! I'll be your DJ playin' some HICKHOP, RED DIRT MUSIC, & Everything else ya'll wanna hear!!

What I'm wearing:
Hair: Exile After The Rain Sparkle (I like this hair a lot ok!)
Boots: Dirty Princess Madame Butterfly Princess Pink
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer Giselle Black
Manicure: (shameless plug) g o s h ! Fingers & Toesies