Wednesday, August 13, 2014

♥Falling... The Series - 03♥

I waited all day and night for Momo's to close...All I could think about the entire time I was there was how I wanted to sneak over to the Bad Ampitude stage!!  I mean...I'll wait till everyone leaves so no one sees me.  If no one sees me then no one can prove I was there right?!?! I Just have to get on that stage...I wanna know what it feels like to be on the other side...I wanna feel like a Bad Ampitude ROCKSTAR!!!!  Patiently, I waited through each amazing set...

Until finally, I heard those words of DJ Jenny saying GOODNIGHT!!

YES!!!! Ok wait just a little bit...

Last person TP's out and swiftly I make my way to the stairs and down aww heck with this I'll just fly over...I fly over and land down in front of the stage.  The stage where all the magic happens. The very stage that's seen the likes of PANTERA...The White Stripes...BON FREAKIN JOVI...Halestorm and so many more awesome bands...I'm standing there all alone...All alone to get up there and rock my little pixel heart out!

I get up on the stage and turn look so different from this point of view...I could just see myself jammin' up there with the greats like Ray Wylie Hubbard...Hayes Carll...oh look the DRUMS!!  Ooooh I'm gonna play me some drums...I grab my glowing sticks and I prepare to beat some skins man!!!  I climbed up on the stool...

Wait lemme move this cymbal just a lil....*Janisbobanis TPs in* OH SHIT...WTF Ooooh noooooooooo

What I'm Wearing

Outfit: JayDee
Jewelry: Earthstones Laraine
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. *AQUARIA*
Location: Bad Ampitude stage at Momo's Surf Club *giggle*
Manicure: g o s h ! Blue Abyss

I'll pick myself up...

*Photo series based on RL Photo series of:*


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