Sunday, August 3, 2014

♥~Momo's Surf Club~♥

Ok Ok...We all know that Momo's Surf Club is my absolute FAVORITE club in SL!  I love everything about Momo's.  We have an awesome staff and an even better VIP Group.  Our BUMS take such good care of us.  There really isn't anything I don't like about Momo's.  I've been the Promotions Manager for quite a few months and I've loved it.  When Kata asked me if I would be General Manager -- I was ecstatic!!!  Let me give you a little bit of my history with Momo's...

When Deke and I were together, we were constantly looking for cool places to hangout at.  The feat seemed quite hard, as there are SO MANY clubs in SL.  The ones that seemed like would be good...were empty.  The ones that weren't empty...were silent.  It was lookin' like a lose/lose.  I asked my BFF Treeguy where some cool places to hang out were.  He said that he was DJing at this club called Momo's and that the people were pretty cool.  He sent me a TP and there ya go...

Deke and I would drop by there occasionally and always had a good time when we did.  Everyone there was always so friendly to us.  When I started to DJ again, I again asked Tree if he knew of some good places to DJ...again, he said Momo's.  He just happened to be the DJ Manager at the time and so he sent me an application.  Kata contacted me and we set up a DJ Audition.  Audition night came, and I fell instantly in love with everyone at the club.  Everyone was so welcoming, and so friendly.  I was in a real rocky relationship with Deke.  We fought all the freakin' time, but it was nice that we had a place that we both liked.  Finally, found a place where he *ACTUALLY* liked people.  I thought this was amazing! And it really really was.  This goes on great for awhile... well I mean the Momo's aspect of it anyway lol...Deke and I were literally falling apart.  He'd been so mean to me for the last four years...I was just done.  I had no good feelings toward him at all.  I didn't care anymore.  I was afraid of him.  Everytime I tried to break off whatever we had, he would threaten my RL.  My RL Family, My RL Friends.  So, I'd start talking to him again and again.  Each time it only escalated more and more...Finally, I'd had enough...I couldn't do it anymore.  He wasn't gonna stop threatening my family.  He wasn't gonna stop calling my RL son at work. He just wasn't gonna stop.  Even though I was doing everything he said I was supposed to do to make him stop...He still wasn't stopping...

I spent most nights in tears.  DJing wasn't fun anymore, because when I tried to DJ, he'd be yelling at me in Skype.  My friends, they couldn't understand how I would sit and let him treat me like this...and to be honest...I couldn't understand it either.  I knew that one day enough would finally be enough I would have the nerve to leave and I wouldn't be scared anymore...I just wanted it right then...and I caved.  Time and time again I caved.  I wasn't helping out at Momo's or being able to spend the time there that I wanted.  I didn't even want to be on SL anymore.  I'd lost my very best friend.  I was told on a daily basis that I was useless and I started to believe it.  I was told that people at Momo's hated me. So...I said enough's enough.  I quit.  Well I tried to quit (Kata wouldn't let me and I thank goodness for her!).  We decided to give it time and finally he showed his ass (I knew he would eventually).

Momo's stood by me and offered me sanctuary.  They showed me that they are my true friends and my true family.  Especially, Kata...Man...If ya'll don't know this woman....Your lives haven't been enlightened yet.  She is one of the most amazing people I've ever encountered on SL.  She listened to me night after night.  My insecurities, my fears.  She never made me feel judged or stupid.  She listened and she gave me friendship.  I was able to get Janis back in my life and we went right back like we didn't skip a beat.

I guess my whole babblation in this is...I owe so much to Momo's and the people of Momo's.  They helped me not only in SL...but they helped me in my RL too.  I'm stronger because of them.  I was finally able to take those rose colored glasses off...and I'm grateful.

So all I can say is...If you truly want an awesome experience...Visit Momo's Surf Club.  I am finally back to being me again.  Man I've missed me!!!  I'm celebrating MY Independence!!!!

What I'm Wearing:

Bodysuit: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... - Stars & Stripes (SLink Boots Included)
Hair: Eaters Coma - Hair 21 - Light Platinum Blonde
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer - Rings: Giselle Opal Set - Black, Necklace: Love Rocker
Headband: I <3 Mesh - Glam Bunny Ears
Manicure: (Shameless Plug) g o s h ! Fingers & Toesies - Independence Day!


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