Thursday, August 28, 2014

♥Junkie Apocalypse♥

I've noticed an increase in Heroin Dealer busts in Dallas and I'm ecstatic! It's about fucking time!!! An addict is fueled by an addiction...the dealer is a killer. The dealer is the biggest piece of shit in my eyes. I hate the Heroin Dealer. I hate any dealer that deals drugs that ruin lives...Meth, Coke, Crack, PCP, Prescription Pills. I hate you all and hope you get exactly what the fuck you deserve. I don't care what your excuse is....there is no excuse for what you do. I know that it takes time to get to these dealers...but it's about damn time they're actively and aggressively pursuing, arresting and punishing the Dealers. Help the addict. Prosecute the Dealer! FUCK THE DEALER...

I get so angry reading all these stories. With the rapidly increasing use of Prescription drugs, we are thrown right into a Heroin Epidemic! Prescription drugs are abused more than any other drug...America has a HUGE HUGE HUGE amount of junkies that don't feel like they're junkies because they're prescribed these pain pills...Ya know that time that you decided to take just one more than it says to on the bottle??? You became a prescription pill abuser. Well now you need to take two because one just doesn't work anymore or three because two no longer work? Guess what...You just abused that drug. Matter of fact...Most of you reading this (if you are) have abused a prescription drug in the past or are currently abusing them.

Just because it's prescribed to you doesn't mean you're not a junkie. If you've been taking pain pills I'd say more than 3 Months you're already on your way to addiction. Each time you "accidentally" bump into something and have to go to the doctor...How many trips to the Emergency Room have you had for these "accidents" or "toothaches" (<--- That ones a popular one too)...yeah...You're a junkie. Give it a little while. It'll just take that one time you didn't get your prescription filled...You feel those achy joints? How about that kind sick to your stomach feeling? Don't wanna get outta bed because you're just hurting too badly...Guess what bucko...that's called Dopesick. Next thing you know you're lyin' there with a needle in your arm and you're wondering how the fuck you got to the place you're at...Yup right back to that Heroin huh...So now you're dealin' with Heroin Dealer #1 (The addict that sells to support his/her habit)...His shit's been cut because he's tryin' to pay for his own growing habit so he's gotta get the most for his money...By the time that heroin gets to your vein...who knows how many hands it's crossed? Who knows how many times it's been cut? That balloon of Heroin you're holding in your hand right now...I wonder how many mouths it's been held in or even worse...asses...Yuck.

Ok well back to my entire point...Heroin Dealers, Crack Dealers, Coke Dealers, Meth Dealers...You're the biggest pieces of shits to walk this earth...And I think that you should be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Before anyone says anything to me about weed...Yup I smoke it. Yup I love it. I'm not gonna overdose on it. I'm not gonna rob for it. I'm not gonna prostitute myself for it. I'm not gonna kill someone for it...

Dallas is one of the main "hubs" for a major amount of drugs coming in from Mexico. There's heroin galore...Crack galore...The mornings of a detox center...People are just dropping addicts off like it's another day at the office. They're all full. They're understaffed. It's really sad. Yet, you know what's even sadder than that? There are no fucking needle exchange programs. Matter of a fact...I don't believe it's even legal in Texas to have needle exchange. Are you fucking kidding me?!?!? What the heck is wrong with people?

Get it together Texas...decriminalize needle exchange. We NEED a needle exchange program! Guess what...It's not just an "urban" problem anymore. Check the overdose rates of SUBURBANite Teens...You just may be astonished as I was.

I dunno if anyone is even bothering to read my babble or if anyone even cares...I care. The Heroin Epidemic is on a rise again and it's coming to a neighborhood near you...quite possibly in your own backyard.

Are you prepared?
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