Thursday, March 31, 2016

--Adventures In Ana!-- SHE

Her weapon of choice: Brown Polkadot Dress
Her lips so red, her lips so goddamned red
She's gotta motor on her mouth, she'll pull the trigger on a dime
She out for her prey, she's way out of line
She's gotta gun to my head, she's walkin' me slow
A killin' fool I can hear her victims moan
 She'll show you what's missing but you had before
What you threw away, oh what's gone now, what's gone (my heart's gone)
She tore me apart she'll leave me to die
She'll do the same to you even if you treat her right
 And when the clock strikes twelve you're missing
Out into someone else's bed
She's like her own fucked up version of a fairytale
Everything's backwards she ain't no princess
 She don't care what anyone thinks of her
She gonna light you like a match on fire just to watch you burn
She'll spin you like her favorite record 'til you can't take no more
But what she says matters so much and you can't figure out why
Then she's gone

         Credits: Skin: League Erin, Head: Lelutka Leda, Body: Maitreya Lara, Hair: Vanity Hair: Moonriver, Dress: [VIPS Creations], Jewelry: CAE  

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