Thursday, June 6, 2013

♥ Freebers By G o S H ! Gestures ♥

Hey Ya'll..Today G o S H ! is offering two FREEBERS!!!  I love love love Miss Swan so I've been making some more gestures of her!  Gosh she cracks me up lol.  These TWO Gestures will be $75L once they're out of the freeber board.  So you better get over and get 'em while they're free!  One says "Hi How Are You" in her ever so cute Miss Swan voice and the other one says "You Need to take a chill pill" both can be used in every day conversation lol...

Anyway...come by and pick 'em up.  Take a look around too.  I offer GESTURE PACKS now.  Mosey on outside the store and wander around the rest of the sim.  Ride some bicycles, or horses...have a dance on the dancefloor.  Just come and have fun :)

G o S H ! @ Sweety Bay

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

♥ Freebers By G o S H ! Gestures ♥

Hey Hey Ya'll...I'm offering two FREEBERS today.  After our Monday blues some people consume way too much coffee and become frazzled...Well let Miss Swan cure all your coffee woes and yell NO MORE COFFEE FOR YOU!!!!  I just love Miss Swan so I've been making some more of her gestures.  I've also got a Miss Swan Gesture Pack in the store for those interested in owning ALL of the Miss Swan Gestures I've made!!!  You'll get a 5% discount if you purchase the Gesture Pack..and if you're wearing your G o S H ! Group get an ADDITIONAL 13% off.  How cool is that?!?  Yeah I know I have odd numbers...but I just gotta color outside the lines sometimes lol...
The next freeber is for Throwback Tuesday...Who remembers Captain Caveman?!?!? I do...I LOVED that cartoon when I was here's a lil bit of now vintage cartoon!  CAP'N CAVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!
As always please enjoy your stay on our beautiful SIMS...Sweety Bay and Sunny Dream.  Hop on one of the many horses and ride throughout the countryside in our picturesque landscape...Bring your friends and all ya'll can ride horses too!  Wanna give the horses a lil break? Why not ride a bicycle...We've got dirt roads and hills...And then once you're all heated up from riding in the sun, throw on those swim suits and take a dip down at the inner toobs cool those pixels off...ride throughout both sims basking in the sun and taking pictures or just having great conversation with friends.  We've got so many attractions to offer ya'll.  Wanna great place to live?  Check out our rentals on Sunny Dream.  I hope you've turned your sounds on and the music we have an awesome radio station: G o S H ! Radio.  I have to say I love just about every song they's almost like they jumped into my music folders and grabbed my music...OH WAIT...I loaded the songs, no wonder they rock lol...

Anyway...Stop in and get the freebers...Come up and dance on the dancefloor or just hangout...We've got a GREEDY GREEDY table...Play it!