Monday, February 18, 2013

♥ Frustration ♥

About a year ago when a lady approached me letting me know that she'd named her gesture shop also Gesturbation Station...I was just like fine whatever, because I was a bit bored and fed up with SL anyway...I mean yeah it was cool that she came to me...but had I had a problem with her having the same name as mine would she have changed it to something else?  I highly doubt it since she was telling me AFTER she'd already set her stuff up...

Now that I'm back on SL do I have the right to be angry that she's used the name?  I know that there can be more than one, but everyone wants to be original...Or I mean you would think lol.  I decided that I'll change the name of my gesture store to something more I created G o S H ! Gestures.  Good Ole Southern Hospitality.  I'm having to go through and delete all the old stuff off of the market place because of the name change, and it's painstakingly slow...OMG...each time it takes two minutes to delete a gesture I get a little more angry at that little lady that informed me she was gonna use the same gesture shop name as me...


Okay...Rant over and I guess I'll go back to deleting these, just so I can put them back on again with the new store name...

Love Ya'll, Mean It...

Friday, February 8, 2013

♥ G o S H ! ♥

Welcome to G o S H !

  Howdy ya'll... I'm Anastasia Bergbahn.  Owner and creator of .::!i!iGeStUrBaTiOn Station!i!i::.  well about a year ago I was approached by a woman that decided to open a gesture shop with the same exact name as my gesture shop...Minus the periods, colons, and explanation points...Really?!?!...yes...Really.  Anyway...It came at a time when I was a bit frustrated with SL anyway, so I told her that it didn't matter...

  Now...thanks to my BF DekeRivers, I've started back in the SL world.  With this shopping habit, I've gotta get me some income lol so...I'm BACK!  Just a small lil problem... OH YEAH...Someone else named their gesture shop Gesturbation Station...WELL CRAP!  I gotta have a name for my I've thrown around a few ideas with Deke and my BFF JanisJoplin Delicioso...  At first I thought I'd just call it Anasbabbles but that's just not very catchy...I won't go into detail by listing the names thrown around but lemme tell ya....some of them were LOL...  I wanted something short and sweet...oh gosh what could we come up with... and then there it was... G o S H ! - Good Ole Southern Hospitality... (Janis came up with that...cute huh? lol)  

  I have a name.  I have a home.  Now we just gotta get it all set up.  We're gonna have a club with the same name as well, so we're gonna be lookin' for DJ's and Hosts and all that groovy stuff...

  Have created a new group called G o S H !  Click here to join the group: G o S H !

There will be a fee to join the group.  I haven't decided yet the price, but for right now it's going to be free to join the new group.  I of course will be going back to making custom gestures so I'll be posting those prices and all the real good stuff soon.  Just gettin' everything all set up.  

  I'd take a nice new shiny pic of the new store but lol I accidentally sent it back to Janis last night...I really hope she doesn't kill me...

  Going to allow other authors on here as well.  Deke will be an author and I'm sure Ms JanisBoBanis will give her two cents from time to time, so expect Gesture News...Club News...Rants...Babbles...Fashion Blogs...WOOT  Whatever the heck we want right?!?!  LOL!  

  Okay, Okay...Gonna get back to work...

Love Ya, Mean It...