Friday, July 28, 2017

***NEWNESS** gosh! PhotoScene - Sexy Back

                           G ᴏ S H !
  G o o d O l e S o u t h e r n H o s p i t a l i t y

gosh! Sexy Back PhotoScene 

Items Included:  PhotoScene, Props, & Pose

Comes in a rezfeaux box so you can either rez it temporarily or permanently!

Instructions and Stylecard too!

--**NEW** gosh! Sexy Back PhotoScene--

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

-- ***NEW*** gosh! Go Ahead, Punk Bento Pose + Prop --

I've released my newest Bento Pose & Prop on Marketplace!  I'm very excited to be making Bento Poses, Props & Photoscenes.  I'm bringing you now one Badass Bitch Pose - Go Ahead, Punk.  No one will mess with you pretty 'lil lady with that .357 Python in your hand...

Why did love put a gun in my hand? ~ Dorothy (AKA My Future Wife)

The Mesh .357 Python is included..
Click here to get this pose & prop on Marketplace.

I've just learned how to make Bento Poses, so I'm confidant I'll just get better and better at them!!!

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♥Love ya, Mean it

Saturday, July 22, 2017

**NEW** gosh! Photoscene - I Like Big Blunts

Guess who's back?  *grin*

Finally, I learned how to make some Bento Poses...So here is the first.  I can only expect it to get better and easier from here on out.  I've also made some strides in learning to create mesh for SL too YAY ME!!!  Again, I know this is just small fry stuff to you...That's ok! :P

My very first Bento Pose:
I Like Big Blunts :o)

                           G ᴏ S H !
  G o o d O l e S o u t h e r n H o s p i t a l i t y

I like big blunts and I cannot lie!!  That was the inspiration for this PhotoScene.  I hope you enjoy ♥

Purchase this item on Marketplace: <a href="" rel="nofollow">I Like Big Blunts @ MP</a>

Items Included:
PhotoScene RezBox

Items in PhotoScene RezBox:
I Like Big Blunts - All Things Shown Here:

Window Seat (incl, All items on the seat; dog, cat, cellphone, magazine, cookies)
Plain Backdrop
Blunt to wear

 One Pose -
 Sitting with legs crossed licking a blunt...

The hands I used for this pose are the Maitreya Bento
Outfit: Gizza - Dolores - Nautical Blue
Earrings: Cae - Balanced
Necklace: Wolf Moon Necklace (From My Sapphyyy)
Heels - #EMPIRE - Cyclamen
Hair: Moon - Melpomene
Head: Catwa - Catya - Bento Head
Skin: League - Ella - Sunkiss
Chinchilla: Jian

I used the tongue out animation that came with my head.

Entire Scene is included.

Rez the Rez Box & Touch it to Rez the PhotoScene.
You can either have it temporarily or permanently.  If you choose permanently, Click the Save button or follow the instructions like Rezzing a house.. (IM Me if you have further questions)

Please feel free to add your own props and poses to it... I'm anxious to see what ya'll come up with!

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