Wednesday, July 26, 2017

-- ***NEW*** gosh! Go Ahead, Punk Bento Pose + Prop --

I've released my newest Bento Pose & Prop on Marketplace!  I'm very excited to be making Bento Poses, Props & Photoscenes.  I'm bringing you now one Badass Bitch Pose - Go Ahead, Punk.  No one will mess with you pretty 'lil lady with that .357 Python in your hand...

Why did love put a gun in my hand? ~ Dorothy (AKA My Future Wife)

The Mesh .357 Python is included..
Click here to get this pose & prop on Marketplace.

I've just learned how to make Bento Poses, so I'm confidant I'll just get better and better at them!!!

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Any questions or concerns please IM me In-World :o)  Anastasia Bergbahn

♥Love ya, Mean it
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