Saturday, September 6, 2014

♥Red Light District Event 09.06.2014♥

It's hard out there for an SLpimp...

Ana is working the streets, watching clubbers spill from one bar to the next when she spots her next mark -- two surf BUMS in one of  Momo's most notorious areas.  Red Light District, SL Skid Row...This is where the seediest of SL are hanging out today.  The ladies of the night dance in the windows, ready to lure in anyone willing to pay...The right price.

Druggies and junkies congregate in the alleys.  Finalizing that deal.  The homeless line the streets with their cardboard beds and newspaper blankets.  It's quite a sight to the normal eye...The smell is unique in itself.  A mixture of booze, urine, vomit, and who knows what else fill the air.

She wanders the streets.  This is her home.  The only home she's known.  Her life before is a very distant memory...too painful to visit...too lost to return.

Well she's out here now.  She has to make some money if she wants to eat.  She turns to the oldest profession there is...

Things haven't been lookin' so good out here...Not many Johns out lookin'.  She can feel the dopesick starting to crawl up her body...Man, she needs a fix and she needs one quick.  She spots a crackwhore.  Silly crackwhore sittin' there all by herself in the middle of Slut Street like this?  Easy target...

What'sa Happenin' Hotstuff?

Dang, she ain't lookin' too good.  Someone knocked her around.  Probably her pimp when she came up short.  Bless her heart...That doesn't matter though.  What matters are these cramps invading Ana's legs.  'C'mon lady pass out so I can take your money' she thinks to herself...

SCORE!!!  Finally she passed out and Ana borrowed about $40L from her.  She doesn't like to thieve, so she left an IOU in place of the moolah...Now she can go get her bump from a very trustworthy Drug Dealer named Juliette!!   She said to meet her in Momo's Seedy Surf Club...

Why don't ya'll come on down and play too? :o)


What I'm Wearing:

Dress: Soedara Bondage ~subOrdination~ 
Shoes: Hollyhood - Vernice 
Hair: Truth - Noemi 
Jewelry: Earthstones - Larraine
Manicure/Pedicure: g o s h ! Fingers & Toesies - Pink Tipsy
Tattoos: Letis Tattoo - Love/Hate Sleeve


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

♥SL Skid Row♥

One by one they're dropped off...

I'm sitting on one of the stone picnic tables that line the front.  The cars pull up.  Out stumbles someone and the car (barely gettin' the door closed) drives away...Trudging his way up the walkway.  He doesn't meet my gaze, he's too ashamed to face even me, a stranger.  I don't recall seeing hope in his eyes but I could definitely see the defeat when he rounded the corner and saw how many other people were there for the same thing he was...Detox.

I sat there taking it all in...I had never been in "this part" of Dallas before. I'd never been up close and personal with addicts.  I had no idea that it was going to rip open my heart.  I was there with my friend.  I got thrown into his addiction by his parents.  They were away at the time...One lives down in San Antonio and the other was in Louisiana working...He needed to get to detox.  I didn't know what to expect.  I was anxious.  I was scared.  I was fascinated. He did try to look me in the eyes.  He looked weary.  He's younger than me, yet he looked older than me and far older than I'd remembered him looking.

We sat and we waited.  I'd not seen him in many years so you would think we would have had much more to say to one another.  Instead, we sat in silence, and we waited.  All at once he started to apologize to me. He was so sorry that I had to see him in this condition.  He was so sorry that he hadn't kept in touch over the years.  He was sorry that he was in the position he's in.  He cried.  I cried.  I looked around and there are more and more people standing around.  This is looking more like a gathering.  All of these people were waiting patiently to try and get into detox.  There were probably about 50 men and women standing around, and then the dreadful news came...Only four beds were available.  Two beds in the men's unit, and two beds in the women's unit.  Fortunately, for us...We were the very first ones there and since it was first come first serve, we were pretty confident he'd get a bed, and he did indeed.

And so it began...My fascination with heroin...

Love ya <3Ana