Saturday, April 20, 2013

♥Happy 420♥ .::slOOkers::. LOTD~04.20.2013♥

Happy Happy Happy

To kick off today I'm offering a few Freebers in celebration.  Stop by the store to get 'em.  They're from the parody of the Macklemore - Thrift Shop song, and they're hilarious!!!  

I dunno really what to do today.  So far I haven't received any notices about any 420 parties...which really sucks cuz today could be the ultimate party day lol...

I also wanted to dress for the occasion so I've put together a green ensemble.  I absolutely love coldLogic...Every dress I've got from there I absolutely LOVE!!!  I've been in the process of switching all my clothing and such over to mesh and coldLogic has GAWJUS clothes.  They're classy.  They're mesh.  They're AWESOME!!! Oh yeah and....IT'S EFFING POLKA DOTTED!!! 

Now...Check out these shoes...A few years ago everyone was gettin' the Redgrave skins.  I am no exception.  After a while when you see everyone with the same skin as you, you want to get something different.  So I then became an absolute skin WHORE...I've found one and a shape that I really love so I never change those anymore...(I prolly just mojo'd myself and now Imma start buyin' skins at a rapid pace again lol) 

Want me to blog about your skin, shape, hair, clothing, whatever??  Send me a notecard..preferably mesh lol.

Ok Ok...back to my shoes...As I was saying, everyone has Redgrave so I admit that sometimes I overlook their things because of that reason...These shoes were different they caught my eye and instantly jumped in my closetory...Oh My!!!

Maxi Gossamer is apparently favored in my closetory.  I always find myself going to her jewelry.  These sunglasses are by her as well...Aren't they divine?!?!?

This flashy lil bracelet is from JPB Bandt.  I usually never get their stuff because it's so dang expensive but I decided to splurge a lil for this bracelet...I dig it.

Of course it's 420 so naturally I'm puffin' away on my blunt...

Now let's see what kinda ruckus we can cause!!!! lol.... 

Ready or Not....

We stopped off at Blackheart's Cafe first...They're having a 4th celebration for something, I didn't catch what it was lol...but Deke didn't like the colors of the balloons and such so we were off to the next place....

We TP'd to The Crossroads...We've been here several times, but I dunno maybe I'm just not in a bluesy kinda mood lol...It's making me feel bitchy, in a rush and nervous...and the lag is horrendous!  So we gonna get the EFF out!

We haven't been very successful today in finding anything fun to do.  Places have people there but no one's chatting.  We like to socialize but that's hard to do if you can't get anyone to socialize with ya...

It seems that a lot of places are just stuffy.  With way too many uhm ruhtarded rules...What happened to just lettin' people dance, chat and have a good time?!?!  Why are there rules about where you can dance, who's chim you can dance on and who you can talk to?  Seems like most clubs are run by egomaniacs with god complexes lol...

Imma go take a nap and see if I wake up in a better mood lol...

Well I'm awake and I think I'm in a little better mood, but Deke is still in dick mode so I'll just let him work that out...I just saw a thing on FB that said there's a Whiskey Go Round here in SL and they have a party every Saturday at 8pm I think I'll check that out....

Ya'll join my groups on Snapzilla and post your pics of SL to...IT's AMAZING you'll be glad you did. 

make sure you sign up and then join each of my groups...Well you don't have to join them all but it sure would be cool if you did!!! lol...

I have a Look Of The Day group .::slOOkers::. and of course my G o S H ! group...Join them all!!! YAY!!! 

I'm on the marketplace: 





Join G o S H ! group:

Have a very happy 420!!!

What I'm Wearing:

Dress: coldLogic*Mills*Green
Shoes: Redgrave*Donna*12 Colors
Hair: Truth*Dawson*Swedish w/Roots
Jewelry: Earrings, Necklace, Rings - Maxi Gossamer*Giselle*Black
               Sunglasses*Cat's Eye*40's Classic
Jewelry: Bracelet*JPB Bandt*Paris
Fingernails: Jamman Jewels*Ultra Mesh Rigged V3
Blunt: Feelgood*Realistic Blunt*Small

Sunday, April 14, 2013

♥slOOkers LOTD ~ by G o S H !♥

:: slOOkers ::

  I guess I've been feeling a bit nostalgic lately.  All this constant fighting with Deke is really wearing me out emotionally.  So I kinda slipped a little on all my bloggin' or pic takin'.  

  I really like the rockabilly kind of look and I've always felt like I was born in the wrong era (which I'm sure I share this with probably everyone in the world lol) I used to love to go to Sock Hops in Elementary school.  We'd have 50's Day and a dance.  I LOVEEEED IT!! 

 Well I guess that's the inspiration for this L:O:T:D...

 I'll keep this one short and sweet lol because I think I smoked myself ruhtarded... 

I know I know...ya'll really don't care about my woes lol...Maybe I can write myself a Dear AnaBanana Letter lol...

What am I wearing you ask?!
Dress: Mon Tissu ~ Rokoray Dress*Sock Hop
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Brigitte*Rye
Glasses: Maxi Gossamer ~ Milano Cats-Eye*40's Classic
Footwear: DECO ~ Sequined Heel*Ruby
Jewelry: [Magic Nook] ~ Shoo Be Doo Set*Red
Nails: Jamman Jewels ~ Ultra Mesh Rigged Nails

Really sucks to be wearing such a cute dress but feeling so blah :(  I don't feel like I've been able to give this dress the justice or fun it deserves...but it did get to catch a woowee that girl can sang!!!  It did get to look really cute like right here: 

Yeah...That's our cute lil Sim in the background.  Ya'll should stop by and take some pics...Looksie around at the shop.  Have a party in the pasture...oh yeah...Buy my gestures lol!!!  I'm feeling a little bit better as I'm typing so maybe I'll be back full force lol...

Join me on Snapzilla!  Join my groups. Heck...Find me in-world and let's exchange calling cards!!!  I love new friends!  Anastasia Bergbahn

Time to smoke it up again... Puff Puff Puff Puff!!!  


Love Ya, Mean It!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

♥Oh G o S H ! Ask Dear Anabanana♥

Howdy ya'll...It's me again... I dunno if ya'll have noticed but I've been burnin' a lot of lightbulbs as of late lololol...Well here's another...

I know there are advice columnists out there and the world probably doesn't need another but Imma offer it anyway lol...

:::Ask Dear Anabanana:::

Feeling stressed?  Need some advice?  How about just someone to listen and offer an outside point of view?  Send me a letter and I'll respond with a completely unbiased point of view for you.  Maybe it'll help you in your decisions?  Maybe it'll give you some insight.  Everything's easier said than done.  We all know that.  Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us.  Not to pass judgement.  Not to take sides.  Just listen and respond with an unprejudiced point-of-view.  I'm the girl for you!  Send me a notecard and I'll respond in the form of a blog post personally for you.  Either with your assumed name or your avatar name.  Whichever you prefer.  Here's an example of the notecard to send to Anastasia Bergbahn

Yeah I know that's kinda a lame-o problem lol but hey it's all my lil head could come up with right on the spot...Anyway...You get the idea?  I'll respond with a blog post that will include your letter and whichever name you choose.  

Can't hurt right?  I doubt anyone really even reads my blog posts anyway it'll be interesting to see if anyone even takes me up on it.  Janis will like to help also...Maybe we can get Deke in on it to give us a male perspective...We have a fascinating team and we'll work to provide you the best advice we can.  

Lol it's hard to start somethin' when people don't respond!  I need to get my blog syndicated somewhere...but I either don't have enough posts yet, or my blog hasn't been open long enough.  I used to have an old blog that was syndicated on but I no longer have access to that account and switched to a new blog for the new name for the store.  Oh well...I'll keep dreaming and someday...oneday..yes oneday...I'll be so syndicated lololol ***OMG UPDATE*** I'm Syndicated on!!! I love that blog btw.  I just went to go look at the blog and saw my post there and I got so freakin' excited a tear ran down my leg!!! Jk But I was almost that excited...I did dance a lil jig lol...Thank you You rawk my socks off!!!

Ya'll have a good'n and gimme a shot and tryin' to help you come up with a feasible solution to whatever problem, stress, woe, or even celebrations...If all else fails...Ask Dear Anabanana!

Love Ya, Mean it...

♥Oh G o S H ! It's Snapzilla!!!♥

Okay ya'll... I have something for ya'll to check out if you haven't already.  Maybe everyone already knows about it and I'm the last to know lol...but...OMG OMG OMG Have ya'll checked out Snapzilla?!?!?!??!?  I am freaking LOVING it! 

Don't know what Snapzilla is?  Lemme try to break it down for you ok? 

First...Go here and take a look at my Snapzilla Page ok: Ana's Snapzilla

Ok done that??  Great!  Ya'll rawk! lol...Wait...don't close it...Look at the pictures...Now...Sign up!

Here's How...

Click here: How to Register for Snapzilla. or continue reading and I'll provide instructions as well...

In order to use the personalization features of Snapzilla, you must be a registered Snapzilla user. You do not have to be a registered user to submit pictures to Snapzilla. The personalization features allow you to edit the descriptions of your pictures, setup albums, and create a list of favorites etc..

To register, you first need to create a Snapzilla account.

Once you have signed up for Snapzilla, there is an additional step necessary to use your account with Snapzilla. Before you can access your pictures, you must link your avatar in SL to your Snapzilla account. This is a simple one time process. To link your avatar, do the following:

1) First, create your Snapzilla account here.
2) Once you have registered with Snapzilla, there is one more step necessary - you have to link your avatar to your account by sending in a postcard the same way you normally send them to Snapzilla, just to a different address.

3) In Second Life, use the Email Postcard feature to send a snapshot to from the avatar acccount you wish to register for Snapzilla. Note: this snapshot will not be saved, so it can be of anything.

4) Once you send the snapshot, it takes under 5 minutes for the system to update.
5) Once it has updated, if you followed these steps,  you are now linked. You can tell that you have been linked as you will no longer see this screen when you sign in. You can also see a little yellow star next to your name when you view the list of your pictures. This indicates you are registered.

Make certain that you are emailing your snapshot to, not the standard

For more information or assistance, please contact

Click here: I'm Registered On Snapzilla Now How Do I Use It? Or again I'll provide instructions:

You can send images to Snapzilla in two ways - by sending them directly from within Second Life, or by uploading.

To send a picture to Snapzilla:

  1. Find something you would like to photograph in SL.
  2. When you have you picture ready, click the "Snapshot" button
  3. Choose the "Send a Postcard" Option (it's free!).
  4. In the "Recipient's Email" box, Enter as the email address to send to. If you are a Teen SL member, use instead.

    * Note * - this will include location information for where the snapshot was taken, which will allow other people to teleport to your location. If you would like to not include this information, send the snapshot to The location information will not be displayed for images sent to that address.

  5. Enter the Title of your snapshot the "Subject" box and any comments in the "Message box. It is not necessary to check Publish on the web or Mature content, they have no effect on the site.
  6. Click Send.

Your photo will be posted to the web within a few minutes -- you can find them at

Okay!!! Now you have absolutely no excuse to not sign up.  If you don't sign up you're totally lame-o and not one of the cool SL Kids...JS.

Oh yeah yeah...I've made some groups...JOIN 'EM!  Ya heard?!  Here...Lemme make it easy for you...I'll provide you a link to each Ha! I win!  I just cut out another excuse for you to join.  

 G o S H ! ~ Link to my store's group on Snapzilla.  I'll post pics of all things G o S H ! here.  
.::Adventures In Second Life::. ~ We all have some pretty amazing adventures in SL.  Join this group and share them with us.  This is just you and your friends hangin' out in SL makin' memories.  
.::Let's Go Clubbin'::. ~ I'm constantly searching for clubs for Deke and I to hangout at.  Join this group and share your best and worst clubs in SL.  Are you a club owner?  Join this group and give yourself some free promotion.  
.::Live Music::.  ~ Join this group to let us know your best and worst live musicians in SL.  Wanna promote yourself?  Join this group and let us know where you'll be performing. 
.::People of Second Life::. ~ Like People of Walmart?  Same concept just with SL.  Join and submit your wacky SL people!
.::slOOkers By G o S H !::. ~ Join and Submit your Look of the Day Photos!!!  Give credit where credit is due..Let's let SL know how in fashion we are!

Thanks in advance!!!  I'm just starting this out so all the help I can get on this will be greatly appreciated.  I'm so tired of trying to find GOOD places to go hangout...I wanna be able to provide people some options. 

Don't forget to mosey on by the store and buy some gestures!! 

~Ana @ G o S H !~

Monday, April 8, 2013

♥Oh G o S H ! Live Music!!!♥

G ᴏ S H ! Gestures
ɢᴏᴏᴅ ᴏʟᴇ ѕᴏᴜтнᴇʀɴ нᴏѕᴘɪтᴀʟɪтʏ

I was gonna blog about another singer that we saw in SL, but I've just been so excited to tell ya'll about She blew us away! 

Went to search for something for us to do and saw that there was this girl it said making her debut singing in SL...She just happened to be on Fire Bay and since we're on Sweety Bay, we decided to go check her out.  Boy howdy I'll tell you what...She was amazing.  I wasn't expecting her to sound as good as she did.  It was an awesome surprise! 

To be honest, I was expecting a lot of mess ups and what not because lol she's a noob!  She said she was 45 days old so I was thinkin' oh great.  But on the contrary...she was amazingly great.  She sang a song that her and some friends wrote together about SL called The Griefer Song.  OMG it was so freakin' cute.  

I hope she doesn't kill me for saying this, but I get a Taylor Swiftish kinda vibe from her music...I think Taylor Swift is a dang talented artist.  So lol I hope you know Krysania that when I say that, I mean it as a total compliment. 

That Griefer song was so cute.  I would love to be able to get a copy of that for when(if) I DJ again.  I loved it.  

She sang some Green Day, Cold Play, Mumford & Sons, Backstreet Boys, and Yes...Semisonic...with some Closing Time.  I enjoyed every single one of her songs.  I loved the way she entertained the crowd...She talked and she giggled and I could tell that she was having a blast up there.  Her voice was so amazing...I just can't stress enough how impressed we are.  Her pitches were dead on.  Her chords were clean, and in tune.  Could tell she was having fun up there singing and that just made it better.  

I guess with all this babbling about her, I'm telling ya'll to go and have a listen to her.  You will not be disappointed.  

Even her avatar is cute...look:

Make sure you go and like her fb page: 

Remember to go search her and have a listen...Or I will hunt you down and virtually kill you!  jk!

Did you think I was gonna forget a shameless store plug?!?!? lolol

Go by and check out the store!

There's some new gestures in there and in the back of the store is the Freeber. Freebers right now are from Blake Shelton's Song "Boy's 'Round Here" They're AWESOME! I love them and use them as much as possible lol...

Leave me some feedback ya'll.  I'd love to hear from ya'll.  Do you have gesture suggestions? Gestures you'd like to see in the store?  Lemme know!  I do custom gestures of every shape and size so if you'd like one, send a detailed notecard of your gesture request to me! Anastasia Bergbahn and I'll be more than happy to make you one.  Wanna hear my gestures before you buy them? Stop by the store and have a listen to them or ask me and I'll send you some samples.  

Well until next time...Don't forget to go listen to Krysania!