Tuesday, April 9, 2013

♥Oh G o S H ! It's Snapzilla!!!♥

Okay ya'll... I have something for ya'll to check out if you haven't already.  Maybe everyone already knows about it and I'm the last to know lol...but...OMG OMG OMG Have ya'll checked out Snapzilla?!?!?!??!?  I am freaking LOVING it! 

Don't know what Snapzilla is?  Lemme try to break it down for you ok? 

First...Go here and take a look at my Snapzilla Page ok: Ana's Snapzilla

Ok done that??  Great!  Ya'll rawk! lol...Wait...don't close it...Look at the pictures...Now...Sign up!

Here's How...

Click here: How to Register for Snapzilla. or continue reading and I'll provide instructions as well...

In order to use the personalization features of Snapzilla, you must be a registered Snapzilla user. You do not have to be a registered user to submit pictures to Snapzilla. The personalization features allow you to edit the descriptions of your pictures, setup albums, and create a list of favorites etc..

To register, you first need to create a Snapzilla account.

Once you have signed up for Snapzilla, there is an additional step necessary to use your account with Snapzilla. Before you can access your pictures, you must link your avatar in SL to your Snapzilla account. This is a simple one time process. To link your avatar, do the following:

1) First, create your Snapzilla account here.
2) Once you have registered with Snapzilla, there is one more step necessary - you have to link your avatar to your account by sending in a postcard the same way you normally send them to Snapzilla, just to a different address.

3) In Second Life, use the Email Postcard feature to send a snapshot to register@slpics.com from the avatar acccount you wish to register for Snapzilla. Note: this snapshot will not be saved, so it can be of anything.

4) Once you send the snapshot, it takes under 5 minutes for the system to update.
5) Once it has updated, if you followed these steps,  you are now linked. You can tell that you have been linked as you will no longer see this screen when you sign in. You can also see a little yellow star next to your name when you view the list of your pictures. This indicates you are registered.

Make certain that you are emailing your snapshot to register@slpics.com, not the standard pics@slpics.com.

For more information or assistance, please contact cristiano@sluniverse.com

Click here: I'm Registered On Snapzilla Now How Do I Use It? Or again I'll provide instructions:

You can send images to Snapzilla in two ways - by sending them directly from within Second Life, or by uploading.

To send a picture to Snapzilla:

  1. Find something you would like to photograph in SL.
  2. When you have you picture ready, click the "Snapshot" button
  3. Choose the "Send a Postcard" Option (it's free!).
  4. In the "Recipient's Email" box, Enter pics@slpics.com as the email address to send to. If you are a Teen SL member, use teen@slpics.com instead.

    * Note * - this will include location information for where the snapshot was taken, which will allow other people to teleport to your location. If you would like to not include this information, send the snapshot to private@slpics.com. The location information will not be displayed for images sent to that address.

  5. Enter the Title of your snapshot the "Subject" box and any comments in the "Message box. It is not necessary to check Publish on the web or Mature content, they have no effect on the site.
  6. Click Send.

Your photo will be posted to the web within a few minutes -- you can find them at http://www.slpics.com

Okay!!! Now you have absolutely no excuse to not sign up.  If you don't sign up you're totally lame-o and not one of the cool SL Kids...JS.

Oh yeah yeah...I've made some groups...JOIN 'EM!  Ya heard?!  Here...Lemme make it easy for you...I'll provide you a link to each Ha! I win!  I just cut out another excuse for you to join.  

 G o S H ! ~ Link to my store's group on Snapzilla.  I'll post pics of all things G o S H ! here.  
.::Adventures In Second Life::. ~ We all have some pretty amazing adventures in SL.  Join this group and share them with us.  This is just you and your friends hangin' out in SL makin' memories.  
.::Let's Go Clubbin'::. ~ I'm constantly searching for clubs for Deke and I to hangout at.  Join this group and share your best and worst clubs in SL.  Are you a club owner?  Join this group and give yourself some free promotion.  
.::Live Music::.  ~ Join this group to let us know your best and worst live musicians in SL.  Wanna promote yourself?  Join this group and let us know where you'll be performing. 
.::People of Second Life::. ~ Like People of Walmart?  Same concept just with SL.  Join and submit your wacky SL people!
.::slOOkers By G o S H !::. ~ Join and Submit your Look of the Day Photos!!!  Give credit where credit is due..Let's let SL know how in fashion we are!

Thanks in advance!!!  I'm just starting this out so all the help I can get on this will be greatly appreciated.  I'm so tired of trying to find GOOD places to go hangout...I wanna be able to provide people some options. 

Don't forget to mosey on by the store and buy some gestures!! 

~Ana @ G o S H !~

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