Tuesday, April 9, 2013

♥Oh G o S H ! Ask Dear Anabanana♥

Howdy ya'll...It's me again... I dunno if ya'll have noticed but I've been burnin' a lot of lightbulbs as of late lololol...Well here's another...

I know there are advice columnists out there and the world probably doesn't need another but Imma offer it anyway lol...

:::Ask Dear Anabanana:::

Feeling stressed?  Need some advice?  How about just someone to listen and offer an outside point of view?  Send me a letter and I'll respond with a completely unbiased point of view for you.  Maybe it'll help you in your decisions?  Maybe it'll give you some insight.  Everything's easier said than done.  We all know that.  Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us.  Not to pass judgement.  Not to take sides.  Just listen and respond with an unprejudiced point-of-view.  I'm the girl for you!  Send me a notecard and I'll respond in the form of a blog post personally for you.  Either with your assumed name or your avatar name.  Whichever you prefer.  Here's an example of the notecard to send to Anastasia Bergbahn

Yeah I know that's kinda a lame-o problem lol but hey it's all my lil head could come up with right on the spot...Anyway...You get the idea?  I'll respond with a blog post that will include your letter and whichever name you choose.  

Can't hurt right?  I doubt anyone really even reads my blog posts anyway lol...so it'll be interesting to see if anyone even takes me up on it.  Janis will like to help also...Maybe we can get Deke in on it to give us a male perspective...We have a fascinating team and we'll work to provide you the best advice we can.  

Lol it's hard to start somethin' when people don't respond!  I need to get my blog syndicated somewhere...but I either don't have enough posts yet, or my blog hasn't been open long enough.  I used to have an old blog that was syndicated on iheartsl.com but I no longer have access to that account and switched to a new blog for the new name for the store.  Oh well...I'll keep dreaming and someday...oneday..yes oneday...I'll be so syndicated lololol ***OMG UPDATE*** I'm Syndicated on iheartsl.com!!! I love that blog btw.  I just went to go look at the blog and saw my post there and I got so freakin' excited a tear ran down my leg!!! Jk But I was almost that excited...I did dance a lil jig lol...Thank you iheartsl.com You rawk my socks off!!!

Ya'll have a good'n and gimme a shot and tryin' to help you come up with a feasible solution to whatever problem, stress, woe, or even celebrations...If all else fails...Ask Dear Anabanana!

Love Ya, Mean it...
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