Saturday, April 20, 2013

♥Happy 420♥ .::slOOkers::. LOTD~04.20.2013♥

Happy Happy Happy

To kick off today I'm offering a few Freebers in celebration.  Stop by the store to get 'em.  They're from the parody of the Macklemore - Thrift Shop song, and they're hilarious!!!  

I dunno really what to do today.  So far I haven't received any notices about any 420 parties...which really sucks cuz today could be the ultimate party day lol...

I also wanted to dress for the occasion so I've put together a green ensemble.  I absolutely love coldLogic...Every dress I've got from there I absolutely LOVE!!!  I've been in the process of switching all my clothing and such over to mesh and coldLogic has GAWJUS clothes.  They're classy.  They're mesh.  They're AWESOME!!! Oh yeah and....IT'S EFFING POLKA DOTTED!!! 

Now...Check out these shoes...A few years ago everyone was gettin' the Redgrave skins.  I am no exception.  After a while when you see everyone with the same skin as you, you want to get something different.  So I then became an absolute skin WHORE...I've found one and a shape that I really love so I never change those anymore...(I prolly just mojo'd myself and now Imma start buyin' skins at a rapid pace again lol) 

Want me to blog about your skin, shape, hair, clothing, whatever??  Send me a notecard..preferably mesh lol.

Ok Ok...back to my shoes...As I was saying, everyone has Redgrave so I admit that sometimes I overlook their things because of that reason...These shoes were different they caught my eye and instantly jumped in my closetory...Oh My!!!

Maxi Gossamer is apparently favored in my closetory.  I always find myself going to her jewelry.  These sunglasses are by her as well...Aren't they divine?!?!?

This flashy lil bracelet is from JPB Bandt.  I usually never get their stuff because it's so dang expensive but I decided to splurge a lil for this bracelet...I dig it.

Of course it's 420 so naturally I'm puffin' away on my blunt...

Now let's see what kinda ruckus we can cause!!!! lol.... 

Ready or Not....

We stopped off at Blackheart's Cafe first...They're having a 4th celebration for something, I didn't catch what it was lol...but Deke didn't like the colors of the balloons and such so we were off to the next place....

We TP'd to The Crossroads...We've been here several times, but I dunno maybe I'm just not in a bluesy kinda mood lol...It's making me feel bitchy, in a rush and nervous...and the lag is horrendous!  So we gonna get the EFF out!

We haven't been very successful today in finding anything fun to do.  Places have people there but no one's chatting.  We like to socialize but that's hard to do if you can't get anyone to socialize with ya...

It seems that a lot of places are just stuffy.  With way too many uhm ruhtarded rules...What happened to just lettin' people dance, chat and have a good time?!?!  Why are there rules about where you can dance, who's chim you can dance on and who you can talk to?  Seems like most clubs are run by egomaniacs with god complexes lol...

Imma go take a nap and see if I wake up in a better mood lol...

Well I'm awake and I think I'm in a little better mood, but Deke is still in dick mode so I'll just let him work that out...I just saw a thing on FB that said there's a Whiskey Go Round here in SL and they have a party every Saturday at 8pm I think I'll check that out....

Ya'll join my groups on Snapzilla and post your pics of SL to...IT's AMAZING you'll be glad you did. 

make sure you sign up and then join each of my groups...Well you don't have to join them all but it sure would be cool if you did!!! lol...

I have a Look Of The Day group .::slOOkers::. and of course my G o S H ! group...Join them all!!! YAY!!! 

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Have a very happy 420!!!

What I'm Wearing:

Dress: coldLogic*Mills*Green
Shoes: Redgrave*Donna*12 Colors
Hair: Truth*Dawson*Swedish w/Roots
Jewelry: Earrings, Necklace, Rings - Maxi Gossamer*Giselle*Black
               Sunglasses*Cat's Eye*40's Classic
Jewelry: Bracelet*JPB Bandt*Paris
Fingernails: Jamman Jewels*Ultra Mesh Rigged V3
Blunt: Feelgood*Realistic Blunt*Small

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