Thursday, June 6, 2013

♥ Freebers By G o S H ! Gestures ♥

Hey Ya'll..Today G o S H ! is offering two FREEBERS!!!  I love love love Miss Swan so I've been making some more gestures of her!  Gosh she cracks me up lol.  These TWO Gestures will be $75L once they're out of the freeber board.  So you better get over and get 'em while they're free!  One says "Hi How Are You" in her ever so cute Miss Swan voice and the other one says "You Need to take a chill pill" both can be used in every day conversation lol...

Anyway...come by and pick 'em up.  Take a look around too.  I offer GESTURE PACKS now.  Mosey on outside the store and wander around the rest of the sim.  Ride some bicycles, or horses...have a dance on the dancefloor.  Just come and have fun :)

G o S H ! @ Sweety Bay
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