Monday, August 11, 2014

♥Falling... The Series - 02♥

Oops fell right off that wagon or well out of the truck again...Dangit...

Spent this weekend partyin' a lil too hard by the looks of things...We're a couple of cluts. I can't believe that Janis just left me like this.  Man we had a good weekend though!  Hung out at Momo's Surf Club (My Favoritest Place other Than g o s h !) on Saturday for an 80's Sitcom Themed Event.  It was really neat to see the different costumes.  Kata had the sim decorated so awesomely...It really brought back some memories of childhood.  I channeled my inner Punky Brewster!  My hostess Juliette was Daisy Duke and she looked AWESOME!  She was dancin' up on KIT like she owned it!

Had another gig later that evening at Redneck Rendezvous, but my SL crashed and wouldn't let me back on...That really sucks.  I've been havin' some pretty major pangs from it since.  Maybe if I just keep kickin' it...Yeah that's the ticket!  On Sunday we went to The WHITE STRIPES concert by Momo's Surf Club, Bad Ampitude, and SOA Immortals!  That was rockin!!!  Overall was a good good weekend :o)

Now I guess I better pick myself up...Dust myself off and get ready for my 6-8PM tonight with my hostess Elisabetha!  We're havin' best in BLUE with $750L up on the board if ya'll wanna come hang out?!?!  We always have blast.  People start gettin' here and we'll start some Trivia up that fastest correct answer pays $5L!  AWESOME!  Test your knowledge :)

Here's you a ride on over :o)

Oh look...Candy...

--This is 02 of The Falling Series--

--What I'm Wearing--
Outfit: GizzA - Rocker Diva w/TUTU
Hair: Boudoir Hair - Blow Up My Bangs
Jacket: Emery - Denim Jacket
Tights: Funny Tights
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer - Giselle
Boots:  *COCO* Cowboy Boots
Manicure: g o s h ! Fingers & Toesies - Pink Tipsy

Just a few lil plugs to put out there :o)

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