Friday, August 1, 2014

♥g o s h ! LOTD - Purdy Neko - 08.01.2014♥

Tonight at Redneck Rendezvous we're havin' a NEKO event.  That's right! Grab those tails (hehe) and those ears, and mosey on over.  There's gonna be $1000L on the board to start and that goes up with each the more the merrier :o)  The fun begins at 6:00PM SLT!! I'll be your DJ playin' some HICKHOP, RED DIRT MUSIC, & Everything else ya'll wanna hear!!

What I'm wearing:
Hair: Exile After The Rain Sparkle (I like this hair a lot ok!)
Boots: Dirty Princess Madame Butterfly Princess Pink
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer Giselle Black
Manicure: (shameless plug) g o s h ! Fingers & Toesies
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