Sunday, August 17, 2014

♥Anastasia's LOTD - 08.17.2014♥

Been gettin' ready for a ride with my SOA Immortal family.  I hope I do ok haha I kept runnin' myself off the track yesterday while I was channelin' my inner Punky Brewster...but then I got to thinkin' that Punky prolly shouldn't be ridin' a motorcycle anyway!!!!  Bless my heart...

The riding portion of the sim is about 2000 meters in the air...and yet...I managed to find the water with a quickness...

I practiced a little more though and I guess there's a little bit of an improvement lol...I should just keep my bike at 3rd gear. I can seem to control that speed much better than 4th...I guess I could just get pumped by someone else...wait...That don't sound right...Do people pump people on motorcycles like they do on bicycles?!?  Hmm...Just don't ever get pumped on the handlebars of a bicycle...That's an accident waitin' to happen right there, I tell you what...Did that one time..scuffed my nose up, my arms, my knees...I was stuck on band-aid for sure!

Let's move on from that painful experience shall we?

Everyone always talks about their Mama, Daddy, Bros, Sisters, Cousins, Aunts, Nephews...I've even seen Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren on SL...That never really has been my cup of tea.  The Sis and Bro thing I can see the most...then the Mama/Daddy...but Great Grandkids?!  I can barely even keep up with my RL Family tree, much less an SL one :o)

However...There's always exceptions...When you meet some exceptional people that welcome you right from the start.  They didn't ask any questions...just scooped me up and welcomed me right into their family.  Now I have a buncha Sisses and Bros, and I couldn't be happier about it!  Who'da thunk that it would feel this cool being a part of something :o)  I mean I've DJ'd, made Gestures and various lil things, but I've never actually belonged to something...Now I do.

When I was goin' through a pretty tough time, instead of walking away from me which would've been much easier to do...They stood by me.  They listened to me.  They were friends to me.  I'm honored to be part of our MC, and I'm even more honored to be able to call them my Brothers and Sisters.

Tonight, we're having a ride on our new track for the very first time...of course we wanted to be the first ones to be able to use it...but I think it's gonna be cool to see how it evolves...It'll be cool to have other MCs come visit and ride on our sim!  Heck yeah!

How many of you are just like yeah yeah lady get on with it and tell us what you're wearing?  If you do think that, it's good to know that you are indeed reading my *curtsy* Thank You!

If you ride motorcycles in SL, where are your favorite places to ride and why?

And now onto fashion... ;o)

What I'm Wearing:
Romper: *X*plosion - Sequin Black
Hair: Exile - Slow Burn Light Blonde
Shoes: *Dirty Princess* - Royal Couture Princess Boots Black
Jewlery: Maxi Gossamer - Necklace: Love Rocker, Rings: Giselle Black
Manicure: g o s h ! Fingers & Toesies - Oh My Red!
Location: g o s h !
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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imma lil high and can't think of anything else to ya'll have a good'n lol...

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