Friday, January 9, 2015

♥Introducing Maitreya Manis/Pedis @ G o s h ! Fingers & Toesies♥

Ok ya'll!!!! I've been a loyal wearer of SLink for a good while and although I still love SLink...Well...I've been tempted by another...You guessed it.  I along with many many others have been seduced by the FABULOUS Onyx LeShelle and that glorious Lara Mesh Body!!!  It even prompted me to change my skin!!!!  I know there's a lotta exclamation points but gosh dangit I can't help it, I'm so excited!  I started out using my SLink hands with my Maitreya Body and then started reading about the appliers, I thought well I could make nails for both so I applied for the developers kit and when it came...omg...I SQUEALED!!!  Needless to say, I'm on the applier wagon and I'm now making Manis/Pedis exclusively for the Maitreya Lara Body.  Now I'm ready to release my first Mani/Pedi set.

This set comes in a hud with FIVE Different polishes to choose from.

Gosh! No. 1
Gosh! No. 2
Gosh! No. 3
Gosh! No. 4
Gosh! No. 5

Each polish set is different and cannot be mixed and matched yet.

      G ᴏ S H !      G o o d O l e S o u t h e r n H o s p i t a l i t y

In The Pinks!!

What's the best things about gettin' your nails did at G o s h !???

★No Appointment Necessary. Walk-ins always welcome.

★No Dry Time! Your G o s h ! Mani/Pedi dry instantly. Apply them and go.

★No Chipping or Flaking!

★No Fading. Colors stay vibrant forever.

****These are Maitreya Body Mani/Pedi Applier HUDs and are only compatible with Maitreya Lara Mesh Body Attachments.****

These are Nail APPLIERS. You must purchase the Maitreya Mesh Body to get the hands and feet, but can be found here at the Maitreya Mainstore:

There will be no refunds if you purchase these appliers mistaking them for actual nails.

Please contact me: Anastasia Bergbahn if you have any questions or concerns and I will get with you as soon as possible!!

Enjoy your Gosh Fingers & Toesies!!!

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Love Ya'll, Mean It!
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