Thursday, May 16, 2013

♥The Ultimate Kawaii Hunt♥

Calling all you hunters out there.  Do you love SL Grid Wide Hunts?  Well this is the first hunt that G o S H ! has participated in this year, and I hope that it'll be the first of many.  The Ultimate Kawaii Hunt brought to you by Ari Cheng of Infinite Fantasia Hunts.  She's the creator and owner of Pretty Kitties.  She has been super nice and just on top of things.  I've been in a few hunts and I love the way she gave us a schedule and she stuck to it!  I even had a few booboos and she was really nice about it when correcting me lol. Anyway...This is a cute lil hunt...with everything KAWAII!!!! YAY!!!  All the hunt items are $1L and it's running from May 15, 2013 - June 15, 2013 so grab your friends and make it a hunt party!  Maybe ya'll can make a contest out of it or something amongst each other.  See who can finish the hunt first!!!

Okay Okay I know Ana, get to the great stuff like the links to the hunt!!! DUH!!! :)

The Ultimate Kawaii Hunt!

Here are the Hunt Hints!

Preview of Hunt Items!

If you'd like to take a look at Ari's other hunts go to her Infinite Fantasia Hunts Main Page. Check out her future hunts and if you're interested in joining with a great lady running some awesome hunts then DUH!!! Fill out an application!  

Also, make sure you join her groups (as well as mine..DUH).  She offers a lot of activity for customers and she is really involved.  I love it.  Keep up the awesome work, Ari!!!

Here...Join her group here: Pretty Kitties VIP Group  It's $200L to join, but it's well worth it.  She's always updating us to what she's doing and what's going on.  I really enjoy it, and can tell she works really hard.  

Now it's time for my shameless store plug!

Visit my mainstore @ Sweety Bay! G o S H ! Mainstore
Join my group: G o S H !

Have a look around the sim.  Ride the new horse we have.  Take some pics, we have some really pretty scenery.  Also make sure you have a listen to our G o S H ! Radio either at Sweety Bay, in your favorite Music player, or put our stream directly on your land.  Uncensored and 24/7.

Ok, I think I covered enough for one blogging lol... Do everything I said!!! 

Love Ya, Mean It...
♥ Ana ♥ 
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