Monday, November 21, 2016

**NEW** gosh! PhotoScenes - Winter Wonderland 2016

                           G ᴏ S H !
  G o o d O l e S o u t h e r n H o s p i t a l i t y

All along in my 10 years on SL, I've had two constant passions; DJing and Photography.  I am very passionate about both.  I've been buying/looking for poses, props, anything to do with Photography that I can find...I've always wanted to try and put together my own sets.  My own poses.  Like others I guess looking for my perfect niche in SL...  Maybe I've finally found it?  I've started collecting full perm items (until I can make my own) and putting them in PhotoScenes to share with ya'll.

Items Included:
PhotoScene RezBox

Items in PhotoScene RezBox:
Winter Wonderland

 Two Poses -
 One Laying on the log on your stomach with arms crossed.
 One Sitting on the stump, strumming the guitar with a chipmunk on your knee :o)

Entire Scene is included.

Rez the Rez Box & Touch it to Rez the PhotoScene.
You can either have it temporarily or permantly.  If you choose permanantly, Click the Save button or follow the instructions like Rezzing a house.. (IM Me if you have further questions)

Please feel free to add your own props and poses to it... I'm anxious to see what ya'll come up with!

❤Anastasia Bergbahn - Aka The GoshLady! Aka Red Dirt Girl!

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