Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hey hey hey!! I've just finished another Bento Photoscene... I am loving making these so much.  Once I get back from my roadtrip, I will work on marketing and all that good stuff, but for now I'm just working on getting the poses, props & scenes made.  Until I can make my own mesh stuff, I've been gathering full-perm items all around the grid...I try to put good quality props in the photoscenes as well, and all the textures are made by me, minus some of the backdrops...I'll be lookin' for people that will be interested in blogging the poses I make, so holler at me please if you're interested.  Any tips you have to offer would be greatly appreciated too!!

Ok so how about that new photoscene?

Summery Funnery - Bento Couples Poses, Photoscene & Props...

You will get everything you see here ⏬⏬

I've just put this up on Marketplace. A new store is in the thoughts once I get back also!  If you'd like to buy it just go https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/gosh-Photoscene-Summery-Funnery-Couples-Bento/12451158

I've put it in a rezfeaux box so that you can either rez it temporarily or permanently.  I hope that ya'll enjoy this as much as I did making it.  Also included are the instructions, and a style card for both avatars.  

I can also make custom Bento Poses & Scenes, so gimme a shout or a notecard detailing what you'd like done.  And I dunno if I've told ya'l lately, but ya'll are pretty fantastic ♥♥

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