Saturday, June 13, 2015

♥Falling... The Series - 04 - The Arcade♥

So...I was sittin' here just mindin' my own I do...

All of a sudden RED comes rollin' up on his loud ass motorcycle...It scared the crap outta me.

I jumped up, got my foot caught in the Pink Flamingo Lamp that I got from THE ARCADE...Fell face first spilling my cereal and barely missing landing in it...Well Crap...

This is the photo I entered for the June 2014 Arcade Photo Contest :)  I've never entered any sort of photo contest on SL before...but I just loved all this stuff haha

What I'm Wearing:

PANTS - Zaara - Arpora Fishermans Pants - *Acid Trip* - June 2015 Arcade
BRA - Maitreya - Mesh Bra - Comes With Lara Body
SHOES - Zaara Janya Jeweled Sandals
JEWELRY - Zaara [GOA Party] - Friendship Bracelets

Hut and Scenery is from Zaara [GOA Party] @ The Arcade :) 

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Love Ya'll, Mean It!!!

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