Monday, June 22, 2015

♥Falling... The Series - 08 - Decades - 1900-1910♥

As I was preparing a little tincture for a guest, I guess I spilled some of the belladonna and slipped, falling over the counter.  Thank goodness these newspapers broke my fall and stopped me from slamming my pretty face on the ground.  I don't know how I would've explained that shiner to Pa.  He asks them tough questions ya know?!

We've seen so much in just this decade alone...The turn of a new century...I mean that silly little Albert Einstein and his E = mc2.  What does any 26 year old know anyway?!  Little did we know that equation would become the most famous in physics history! This appeared for the first time in November of 1905, just the latest in a series of cosmos-shattering discoveries from a plucky 26 year old..He was a master in well screwing with peoples minds with his well known contribution and theory of Special Relativity.  In just a year this geek demigod published four papers that upended a thousand years of human thinking on space, time, light, and the subatomic world!

In 1906 the Toaster Heating Element...Did you know that the electric toaster was the first appliance to take electricity from the confines of light paving the way for vacuum cleaners, electric washers, stoves, thus making our lives easier...We can thank Albert Marsh.  The tank was invented in 1903 (pardon my jumping around) when HG Wells first wrote about it.

The vacuum tube has a long list of Fathers, including; Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla...Just to name a couple, but the real breakthrough came in 1906, when Lee De Forest invented the vacuum tube triode originally used to to amplify audio signals, which lead to widespread radio use and laid the seeds of the computer.

1901 Mercedes Benz released it's gas powered mercedes, making it one of the most powerful of that time, and also most technically advanced...

When the Japanese government broke off all relations with the Western world, they also banned playing cards.  Japanese gamblers started using cards painted with flowers instead of spades and diamonds skirting the ban with a homegrown card game "hanafuda" Nintendo was created in 1889 but became an international household name in 1902 when the ban on playing cards was lifted and Japan opened for global trade again.  Nintendo was the first to produce Western-style playing cards.  These hit it BIG launching avenues for Nintendo to expand to other types of games, to electronic toys, and finally to the video games we play today.

The FBI was founded in 1908, by Attorney General Charles Bonaparte (Blood line tied to Emperor Napoleon I) serving for President Theodore Roosevelt.  Calling it "Bureau of Investigations" it had 10 Secret Service Agents and several Department of Justice investigators.

Finally in 1910 the radio was invented.  The first actual radio transmissions took place earlier that decade in 1905 referred to as wireless telegraphy, and then the triode I mentioned earlier in 1906.  Signals sent to a transducer (speaker) that turned it into sound.  De Forest coined the name "radio", and on January 12, 1910 sent the very first over the air public broadcast.

The 1900s brought a new century, a new era, a new growth.  It started the pace for how fast our world moves today.   If I didn't bore you to death lol thanks for still reading.  If you're asleep WAKE UP AND WIPE YOUR DROOL...Oh gosh I gotta get up off these newspapers, the ink is going to stain my face!

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