Monday, June 15, 2015

♥Falling... The Series - 06 - At The Movies♥

After the supper debacle, and RED havin' to take us out to eat instead, I decided that I'd make it up to him by treating him to a movie.  Isn't that so sweet of me?!?  I know I know!!!  Best GF EVER!

Well as I was waiting he called letting me know that he was working over and was going to be home later than he thought.  Ok that's ok, I'll just sip on some of this delicious red wine by Zen Creations.  Man that really hit the spot.

Next thing I knew I was dancin' around the room on my RARE Hobby Horse by {what next}.  Munchin' on popcorn.  I grabbed my pretty lil green bong from Imagination Lab and smoked and smoked wooooweeeee....I guess my foot got caught in one of the chair legs and down I went...Popcorn bucket landed on my head...Doh...I dropped my cell phone from Realistek and almost spilled my wine all over my -tres blah- HodgePodge Stacked Magazines!!! Oh dear...Glad my screen didn't crack...

What I'm Wearing:
Top: NYU - Floral Blouse - Bloom
Skirt: NYU - Skater Skirt - Salmon
Shoes: Salvadori - Brega Leather Pumps - Pink
Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Skin: League - Erin
Hair: Vanity Hair - Airwaves II - Light Blondes

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Love Ya'll, Mean It!!!
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