Sunday, March 24, 2013

♥slOOkers LOTD ~ 03.22.2013 by G o S H !♥

G ᴏ S H ! Gestures 
ɢᴏᴏᴅ ᴏʟᴇ ѕᴏᴜтнᴇʀɴ нᴏѕᴘɪтᴀʟɪтʏ

Another day another blog...Deke wanted me to find us something to do when he got off work, so I did some searching in search.  We like going to live music events so that's the first thing that I looked for.  I saw that this fella named Midnight McCarty was going to be singing tonight.  I set a reminder (Handy lil thing that I Just discovered...) to let me know before the show starts.  Then...I completely forgot about it and went back to making gestures lol.  Oh...I have some new gestures in the store too so take a look!!! 

Well I wanted to make sure I was ready for when Deke got home so off to my closetory.  I chose this cute lil pink mesh top from Maitreya...put it with my Leather Skinny Pants also from Maitreya...AWWWW HOW CUTE!!! I love it!!!  I need to finish my hair...let's give it a pink tint...Magika did just the right trick.  Throw on my jewelry and shoes just in time for him to get here.  

We talked for a lil bit and then DING DING DING my reminder!!!! OH YEAH!  I have a live performer for us to go see...Gosh that reminder thingie sure was handy!  So off we go to The GreenHouse.  We landed and it's just a simple little venue in a beach setting.  It rezzes nicely, and has a lot of green.  Can't really say too much about the venue itself...It was simple...It wasn't bad, but it wasn't spectacular.  We got there a little bit early so we waited for Mr. McCarty to take the stage.  I'm always leery when we go listen to someone sing for the first time, because you never really know what you're going to hear.  I read his bio and it seemed interesting.  The music he sings I like, so what the heck...

He takes the stage and starts singing...I was quite impressed.  He didn't sound bad at all.  Infact...We quite enjoyed listening to him sing.  He had some good song choices.  The people around were all friendly, and the owner Kel Triellis even gave us a beer to sip on while we listened...Unfortunately, Deke's a mess and he spilled his ALL OVER ME...Fellas...Don't dance with beer in your hands...That's alcohol abuse & a party foul! lol.  Overall it was a pleasing experience so if you get a chance to go listen to Midnight McCarty sing, he's not bad.  

Ok ok what am I wearing?? I'll tell you but you gotta promise to keep reading?!?! Pinkie Swear! lol...Yes, it's one of those days.

Dakota*Pink Tiger

Leather Skinny Pants*Black

Grace Sandal*Black Patent

Ultra Mesh Rigged Nails w/Hud



Aren't those blinkies just the cutest?!?  Want one?  I make 'em in all different sizes and I think they're so freakin' cute!!! Imma start selling blinkies too! Blinkies By G o S H ! I'll come up with prices and all that jazz lol...Want one?!?!  Holler at me in world Anastasia Bergbahn and I'll make this size for 100 Lindens.  Prices will vary according to size and detail of course.  Did ya'll see that lightbulb go off above my head too? lololol...

Here's some more I've made just in the last day or so:

Cute huh?
I know you really really want one now doncha?!?! lol

I can also make profile pictures

Ok I'll get back on track...Gosh...
I love this outfit and I looked super cute while we were jammin' to the music!  

Time for that shameless store plug...Ya'll come by the sim and look around the shop.  Also look around the land...It's spectacular.  Lil bit of Texas, Lil bit of New Zealand.  Come take some pics, dance out in the pasture and apparently you can take a roll in the hay down at the stables...Janis and her naughtiness...I'm the good girl lol.  Wanna have a party in the pasture??? Holler at us and you can takeover the stream and party till you lil SL heart drops...Join the group for some updates...Get ya freeber outta the back of the store.  Most of all...Enjoy yourself.  

Love Ya, Mean It...

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